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Kayakers looking for Jesus. 

If I could give us a definition, it would be that, "Kayakers looking for Jesus" or maybe "Kayakers following Jesus". 

Really, we are just a group of people, wanting to know more about God, and why he loves us, and how he loves us, and what that means for us.  Most of us happen to be white-water kayakers, too. 

Who is writing this?  Well, I am, Tim Hardin.  I used to pastor a small church, before that I have been on staff at several churches, spent a year in a foreign country as a missionary, and also done a bunch of computer stuff (still do that).  Now, God has been directing me for the past several years to focus on the people I am with -- kayakers -- and trying to help them discover God.

If you want to get ahold of me, or 509.637.4416.

cya on the river!