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Kayak Church

Kayak Church might be somewhat of a misnomer.  See, part of why I started Kayak Church is because I am so frustrated with "church" the way it normally done.  

Kayak Church is people trying to learn who God is and how he wants to be involved throughout our lives in normal and not-so-normal ways.

We don't yell, we respect people's opinions and beliefs regardless of our views, but we challenge one another to learn more about God and how our lives should reflect that knowledge.

Come check us out.  We are a friendly, inclusive bunch.  Email me at for more info.

Can I pray for you?

5 words, in the form of a question.  My upbringing makes me cringe when I hear them.  I don't like it (normally) when someone asks me that.  Especaiily if I have never met them...  Sometimes it makes me feel those people are looking down on me...

I just finished the latest Dean Koontz book, "Your Heart Belongs to Me' and the phrase "I will pray for you" spoken by someone to someone else (no plot spoiler here) just made this all click.

I can think of a couple occurences where I have asked people this question, "Can I pray for you?"  Of course, as a pastor, you might think that normal.  But those that I think of now, at 1am, are people who would not otherwise give God the time of day.  But a recognition of powerlessness and fear have caused them, at least for the moment, to trust that God could help them through their occurence.

Can I pray for you?  My prayers are not magic.  God won't listen to my prayers over any one else's just cause I am his favorite.  But sometimes, I think that we might be afraid of God, and want an intermediary to be with us; to hold our hand.  It doesn't matter what it is about.  I would be happy to pray with you and/or for you.  
My email is  I can be reached via phone and in person, too.  


PS -- just because you don't ask, doesn't mean I am not asking God to take care of you...


Sunday Night Kayak Church

Starting in February, we will be
meeting on Sundays, following paddling, to
discuss life, spirituality, and God.
Stay tuned for more info


Super Bowl Paddle

We will be meeting at Husum at
noon on Feb 6th.  We will paddle the MWS
then head for BBQ and... read more 


Part of being part of something is supporting it.  Our desire is that we
not be inwardly focused, but rather be able to support those around us needier than we are...  Email Tim for ways you can help.